Class of 2021 IPTSA Scholarships

2021 IPTSA Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to the IHS PTSA Scholarship Award Recipients – SY 2020-2021! This is in recognition of your hard work, determination, academic excellence, community service, passion for serving others and your quest for higher learning. Continue to soar high and reach for your dreams!

First: Patrick Zimmermann ($1,000)
Second: Kashvi Dwarka ($750)
Third: Amol Budhiraja ($500)
Third: Angel Jenita Prasad ($500)
Fourth: Tiffany Marie Chan ($250)

2021 IPTSA Scholarship Winners
(L-R) Patrick Zimmerman, Amol Budhiraja, Tiffany Marie Chan, Kashvi Dwarka, Angel Jenita Prasad
The Inderkum PTSA Scholarship Committee and Board Members would like to thank all the students who submitted their applications for the PTSA Scholarship SY20-21. We appreciate all their efforts in completing the applications, preparing the required documents and their insightful responses to the supplemental questions.
Thank you to the donors, local business partners and everyone who supported our fundraisers. Your support made it possible for us to provide scholarship awards to our beloved Inderkum students. We are very grateful for your support! ❤️
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Join the Board For 2021-22

Dream Dinners Fundraiser

NOTE:  The timeline to order again to earn another $20 towards the fundraiser has been extended through the end of June. That means you can place a standard order (12 x Medium dinners) or (6 x Large dinners) in either May or June to qualify.

May Menu   June Menu

Your support helps local businesses and benefits Inderkum students. Proceeds will benefit the Art, Design, and Careers program and the Scholarship Fund.

Ride – And – Donate Fundraiser

Bosko Bikes

If you, or someone you know, are considering the purchase of an eBike, we invite you to checkout Bosko Bikes. Order before April 30th and You will save $150 and they will donate 15% to IPTSA .


Dine-and-Donate Fundraisers

Enjoy a stress-free meal with your family and friends by supporting PTSA’s Dine and Donate Fundraisers which benefits students. Proceeds will go towards the Art, Design and Careers Program and the Scholarship Fund. Thank you for your support!


  • Pre-registration is required for the following fundraisers
  • Requires at least 20 orders for IPTSA to receive benefits
  • Your support helps local restaurants and benefits our students.
  • Please Register Now!


11am- 9pm at
Dickey’s BBQ Pit

4630 Natomas Blvd


Missed the Event?

You can still donate here:

  • Dickey’s BBQ Pit
    Mar 10 – Mar 17 – link

2020-2021 Fundraisers

THANK YOU to all who supported the IPTSA.

Bosko Bikes

Dream Dinners

Butter Braid

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Your membership helps improve the students’ experiences.  Plus, membership in PTSA has benefits and perks.

Available to parents, guardians, grandparents, community members, and teachers.

Available to all current students.

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